The Miracle of Yoga

Yeah yoga really has proven itself in helping people reduce stress. Less stress = a healthier heart. That becomes super important for those with heart disease in the family (like mine). Heart attacks are still a huge killer, if you think you might be prone to them, adding some yoga to your life might not be a terrible idea.


The miracle of yoga, you say out loud,  how could it be a miracle? Well, first of all yoga is a form of mediation which has been proven to help increase blood flow and to clear the brain and at times help get rid of some diseases.  Yoga stretches your body which also helps to increase blood flow in your body, which allows your brain to have more oxygen, along with a surplus of other benefits.  Spending at least twenty minutes every day stretching, meditating or doing yoga will in the end help you become more flexible and relaxed.

Personally, I use yoga techniques when I am having a panic attack.  Learning how to control your breathing and how to turn off the thoughts in your head is a major win.

Yoga classes are everywhere! Just look at your closest gym or YMCA, and I guarantee there will be at…

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