Career app

Guys, just discovered the best free iPhone app and I have to share it with you all! I’ve been feeling really nervous about my future lately, but this app has helped me so much. It’s called “PathSource” and it lets you figure out a career path, college majors, where to live, etc. The app has a free salary quiz to tell you what salary you need to make to afford the life you want in every zip code. It has a free career assessment that recommends careers. And it has videos of hundreds of real people giving honest insights into their jobs. If you feel at all lost or nervous about your future, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!


Furniture Crate

Popular trends and furniture collections to fit your home – there’s something here for everyone.

We’re promoting our new curated furniture collections. The preferred audience would be users interested in interior design, new home owners, people moving, or just people looking to redecorate.

This is some seriously cool stuff to look at!