It is official. Steam Workshop with be available!

We just now hit our 2nd stretch goal for our Kickstarter! Thank you each and every person that how donated to help our cause! Seriously, we could not have done this without the love and support of each and every person that has gotten involved with our game.

Just 67 hours left to get our exclusive deals via Kickstarter and help us manage to hit the 3rd stretch goal-Random Dungeon Generation!


So close to that next stretch goal!

We have a little bit less than $1000 to go before we are able to afford Steam Workshop Integration. If 100 people donated $10, we’d have it. Since actually integrating Steam doesn’t cost anything (as most Steam users know), I am going to take a moment to break down how that money is going to go towards the game.

First off, the first 10k… that is all new hardware, software licensing, and legal documents. None of our current hardware functions 100% of the time. So you can imagine how frustrating it might be to try and program if your laptop overheats every few hours. After that, we are going to put everything else towards hired help. We are looking for local artists to support and help them build a genuine portfolio. The more money we get after that initial 10k, the more we can pay them to create, and the more features Chris (the lead artist and programer) can implement before the game launches. Having that extra artist gives Chris more time to code, versus doing artwork.

So please, take a moment and toss $10 our way. There is still a reward tier for that amount and you will be getting something for your troubles. I thank anyone that contributes in advance. You are a fantastic human being.

Here’s where to go:

Now click on it! Go on. Do it. You know you want to just look around at least.

Kickstarter progress

Already today we have been able to get a few backers and it’s not even prime time for people to get online. So join the cause and help us out! Even just sharing the link to where ever would be fantastic. So please and thank you, lovelies!

Kickstart tomorrow!

I am rediculously excited to be doing the Kickstarter campaign tomorrow. There is a lot of nervousness going on between the few of us that have been diligently working on this project. We still have a long way to go towards making this game a reality, but having the funding for better equipment (or just equipment that works) helps our tremendously. So everyone scrounge around for a couple of bucks to toss our way tomorrow. I thank you in advance for showing us such kindness from the bottom of my heart.

That one player…

When you get together for a session of your favorite Table Top game, isn’t there always that one person that is all “Hey, guys, I have an idea.” and your stomach drops? I know that I do. While I know something bad is about to happen, I also know that this is about to become a story that I tell over and over again.

Some of my favorite highlights are:

-He tried to rope and Eagle to fly out of a collapsing dungeon

-He tried to summon a horse in the dragon’s heart chamber

He DID summon a horse to set off a trap. The druid did not approve.

-She blew up an entire warehouse trying to smoke out some baddies (not knowing it was full of a very combustable drug)

-We as a team lured a poisonous gigantic catapillar into another room full of baddies by making it chase a horse we shot full of arrows.

So yeah. Those are some of my favorite stories.

Alpha gameplay of Virtual Table Top
Watch live video from Elementriel on Twitch

Above me here you see a video. Not just any video, but an early Alpha of Virtual Table Top. Even since then, the game has greatly evolved and more character tokens have been added. Not to mention that the features themselves have been mostly reworked as well. You here Chris (he is the programmer doing the heavy lifting) explaining a lot to the other players of the things that are going on and things to come.