Kickstart tomorrow!

I am rediculously excited to be doing the Kickstarter campaign tomorrow. There is a lot of nervousness going on between the few of us that have been diligently working on this project. We still have a long way to go towards making this game a reality, but having the funding for better equipment (or just equipment that works) helps our tremendously. So everyone scrounge around for a couple of bucks to toss our way tomorrow. I thank you in advance for showing us such kindness from the bottom of my heart.


That one player…

When you get together for a session of your favorite Table Top game, isn’t there always that one person that is all “Hey, guys, I have an idea.” and your stomach drops? I know that I do. While I know something bad is about to happen, I also know that this is about to become a story that I tell over and over again.

Some of my favorite highlights are:

-He tried to rope and Eagle to fly out of a collapsing dungeon

-He tried to summon a horse in the dragon’s heart chamber

He DID summon a horse to set off a trap. The druid did not approve.

-She blew up an entire warehouse trying to smoke out some baddies (not knowing it was full of a very combustable drug)

-We as a team lured a poisonous gigantic catapillar into another room full of baddies by making it chase a horse we shot full of arrows.

So yeah. Those are some of my favorite stories.