The Ugly Side of Healthy

Few times do I see articles showing how difficult it is to truly be healthy or how ugly it can be to get there. They don’t take about the stretch marks, compression garments to rearrange your fat,  or the green poops. Nope. No one told me these were things I am going to have to go through in order to get back to being healthy.

Notice, healthy is the term is keep using. Skinny or looking good is a side effect of proper health. It’s not the other way around. So if you can treat your body right and regain a good health, you’ll loose weight. That is of course me over simplifying it. There are a TON of obstacles obscuring the way towards being healthy. For some, it really is harder. Medical conditions, genetic depositions, gender, money, environment, family/friends, and other factors may get in the way.

Here I am sharing my story while it is happening. It will not be glamorous. In fact I will be brutally honest and will try to incorporate pictures as well to show my progress. All of the information I provide here I will try to ensure it is as accurate as possible. Most of it I will even try myself to show the result. You can try this alongside me if you wish or just watch me try to become a healthier me through trial and error.



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